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Kenny Heldman

Position: Director
Term: March 2022-January 2025
An elder man in glasses, standing by a fence in a field, under a clear sky.

Kenny Heldman was appointed by Montrose County and has served on the Board since 2022. Mr. Heldman was born and raised on a small ranch southeast of Norwood. After schooling, he came back to Norwood to work in the Telluride mine. Once he had gained experience in construction and tire maintenance, Mr. Heldman started his own Nucla-based tire company in 1979 and began ranching in Nucla and Norwood shortly after.

Mr. Heldman has long been an active member of the local community. He sat on the Montrose Planning Commission for six years. He is also a shareholder in the Colorado Cooperative Ditch Company in Nucla and the Farmers Water Development Company in Norwood. Mr. Heldman represents Montrose County Municipalities on the Southwest Basin Roundtable. Most recently, he co-chaired the San Miguel Stakeholder Group, which has developed the San Miguel basin’s stream management plan and related efforts.

Mr. Heldman and his wife enjoy the playground that is the San Juan mountains from top to bottom—from Paradox Valley to the high alpine lakes above Telluride.

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